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Article : How to survive the upheaval - par valeyressousrances le Mercredi 23 novembre 2011
Rubrique : Conscience Planétaire

Pourquoi  vous n'êtes  pas  à la pointe  du renversement de situation dans le monde actuel !

Warum Ihr nicht an der Spitze des weltpolitischen Umsturzes in der heutigen Welt seid !

Por qué  Ustedes no estàn en punta de los trastornos en el mundo actual !

Why you're not at the head of the woldpolitical upheaval in the present world !



It's very simple...The matter is The " Meissner effect " which has been recapitalized  according to its efficiency as a basic law of Creation in every domain of life,  as well as within material,  morontial and  spiritual domain either. 


Because of its universal application, “quantum physicists " call it the effect of coherence. The application of effect of coherence makes for instance, an electrical conductor resistance free.

Jesus already announced this immerging phenomenon...

He said. - When you are several ones together praying, meditating or very invested by doing God's will, the end effect will be multiplied. 

As a matter of fact a great scientist working in the entourage of Maharishi has discovered and scientifically demonstrated  that  1 % of the square root of the whole world population " with a very high state of consciousness" can stir and move the sense of history on this planet.

Tests have been made inWashingtonand succeeded  to reduce the criminal rate for 15%  after 3 months application.

They also made stopping the bloody slaughter in the Lebanon civil war  after some weeks of  application.

And 16 years ago they put an end of the communist regime with only 3000 "Flying Sidis" there on the border  between the two  Germanys. Now they are preparing   50 000 "Flying Sidis",    3000 Light Houses  and   200  "High Conscience Governments " all over the Planet  earth,  to make the  " Turning point " Heaven on Earth irreversible. 


Pierre Turin


Article : Faire avancer le Schmilblick - par valeyressousrances le Dimanche 4 décembre 2011
Rubrique : Développement Personnel
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